Since 1953, LF&W has fought for the rights of injured workers and union members across a wide span of industries, giving us a longstanding connection to the labor community.

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Levy, Ford & Wallach

Levy, Ford & Wallach (LF&W) is devoted to the representation of injured workers (union members and non union members) and labor unions. Abe F. Levy first founded the firm in 1953. Abe F. Levy also founded the California Applicants’ Attorney’s Association, an organization that fights to preserve the integrity, dignity and rights of the injured worker through the law and state legislature. Although Mr. Levy passed away in 1997, LF&W continues to fight on behalf of injured workers and labor unions in his name.

With over 60 years in practice and over 150 years of combined experience among our 8 highly qualified and experienced attorneys, Levy, Ford & Wallach has a proven track record of obtaining substantial compensation for injured workers including those suffering catastrophic career-ending injuries.

Employees from numerous professions and diverse backgrounds continue to turn to Levy, Ford & Wallach for trustworthy legal solutions. Our clients are among aircraft mechanics, teachers, health care employees, entertainment industry employees, craft service employees, sanitation employees, maintenance mechanics, janitors, electricians, communication employees, gas company employees, clerical employees, and California state, municipal, and county employees…and more. We can represent you.

Our practice handles all types of on-the-job injuries, whether from a specific event injury such as a fall or motor vehicle accident; or from an injury that has occurred over time, such as from repetitive lifting, toxic exposure, or stress.

Additionally, Levy, Ford & Wallach has a dedicated philosophy of empowering workers through education.
Our partners offer legal training for unions about labor law and workers’ compensation rights. They also
teach workers’ compensation law to doctors and other attorneys as well as educating workers about their legal rights.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Do not delay your claim! It will be in your best interest to file your claim in a timely manner. Contact our skilled and aggressive attorneys to represent you. Call or email the attorneys at Levy Ford & Wallach for your free consultation. Click on “Do I have a Case.”


You have been bery informative and diligent when servicing my case. Your knowledge and expertise in handling my case has allowed me to feel very comfortable. I am pleased with the outcome of my case.

Billy Don JacksonLocal 44-Greens Coordinator